piece-together for peace, together

How does it work?


Forgive someone that you had a hard time forgiving


Get the name of a hostage to daven for


In that zechus we should merit to bring the hostages home alive as well as ultimately bring us home in the coming days of mashiach

She is aching. He is aching. They are aching. We are aching.

On October 7th our hearts splintered and we’ve been left to piece the shards together.

Can we now create something better?

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Can we piece it together to make peace?

Can we heal the heart and fix the hard?

Those hard feelings, painful memories, and bruised egos?

Can we forgive, let go,

and move on for the sake of something so much bigger?

השלום הוא חלק מהמקדש.

The Mikdash was – and will be – a place of peace and tranquility, where people came to connect to Hashem.  Peace is what allows us to connect to ourselves, others, and everything so much bigger than ourselves. 

Let’s channel our emotions!

Turn pain into something productive

Horror into something honorable 

Confusion into something concrete

For peace together, we’ve got to piece together.

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